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JuanAFC is an independent social-blog for Arsenal fans by Arsenal fans worldwide.

Anyone can be an editor a JuanAFC.com, we value the opinion of all the gooners out there and anyone can have their say about our great club.

Writers: Anyone is welcome to submit an article (Even if English is not your native tongue). please email editor@juanAFC.com.

Respect: Of course we will never allow or tolerate anything that dis-respects the dead, urges violence or is racist and/or xenophobic in nature. This is not banter but utter hatred which has no place in any civilised society.

Income: All content of the site is free, there is no charge for readers or visitors of the site. The site’s only source of income is advertising, we don’t sell (and never have sold) any products ourselves. If you see any products advertised on the site, they are always sold by a 3rd party. In terms of profitability, unfortunately the site has yet to break even, our hosting costs are pretty high as we have dedicated servers to handle the traffic volumes we receive.

All of the content published on JuanAFC.com written by unpaid contributors is about Arsenal Football Club.

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