Kieran Tierney injury record is a concern

Injuries are a natural part of football just like any sport, but unfortunately for some footballers, they’re just a little bit more common and frequent than others.

Kieran Tierney was one of the best full-back in Celtic until his transfer to Arsenal August 2019, but at the same time he has suffered from an awful lot of injuries.

The footballer’s latest issue has made us worried, is he a fragile player as we knew?, why didn’t we get a propper back up?.
The data analysis confirms that Kieran Tierney has missed over 48 matches through injuries since he join us from Celtic.

The physical mishaps have become a constant issue throughout the years and seems to carry on now with Arsenal.

According to a report by transfermarkt’s statistics database, Kieran Tierney has missed 48 official matches since joining Arsenal from Celtic.

It’s worth remembering that Tierney is a full-back who spends games running up and down the wing – he has never been conservative, and constantly puts his body under stress.

He was vital for Celtic since emerging 22 April 2015, when he made his competitive senior debut for his boyhoodbut, perhaps during his 4 years at Celtic they should have afforded him more rest time whilst he was injured.
One thing I’ve got clear, he maybe a pretty injury prone but is class nonetheless.

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