Videos of fans asking Stan Kroenke #WeCareDoYou

Videos of fans emerge today on twitter asking Stan Kroenke #WeCareDoYou

All started on Monday, when 16 separate Arsenal supporter groups banded together to launch the #WeCareDoYou campaign.

By the end of the week, a petition calling for owner Stan Kroenke to take “meaningful action…..to reinvigorate our football club,” had been signed by over 100,000 fans and was continuing to attract more signatories.

Last night fans posted videos of themselves asking the same question to the Arsenal board & owner Stan Kroenke.

We think that this is beautiful, we are seeing every arsenal fans united for a Cause.
Let’s put this straight this “hashtag” is not against Stan Kroenke, it’s against the ambitions that we are showing, it’s against everything the club stand at the moment.

Arsenal fans are tired! so here is a message to the top, Stop talking & Start doing,

We’ve made a compilation of some of the videos, many more are been uploaded on twitter as you read this.

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